Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A Consideration of Life

by Dante Williams

Without negative thought, without thought of consequence, with simply a glance of the situation at hand, the blessing of life becomes but a burden to hold.
With a certainty of gloom, with an outlook so bleak, with the mists of time closing in, the hopelessness takes hold.
But for the eyes of the child, the love of those close, the ease of the passing would call.
As life reflects, as a story is told, a hopeful glint of sunlight shines through.
But what of the gloom, but what of the strive, but what of the beckoning to the afterlife.
But the strength of the soul, the numbness suppressed, gives strength to the fight as my presence suggests.
For the light may welcome, for the solution be clear, but for the love of the close ones, I shall settle for tears.

Added: 27.03.2010