Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Dreaming of dead birds

by Andrea Wren

Dead birds of disappointment, from
a desolate existence they depart.

Crushed, their despairing, endured horror
is depicted in desperate expressions,

frozen at death's moment. Broken
beaks gaping. Life dried up,

and discarded, like the docked
tail of a Doberman dog.

Bloodied feathers, tangled with fears,
decompose under the engulfing sound

of dissatisfaction, while hopes disintegrate
with every inch of decay.

Deep wounds, scratched by clawed
feet in distress, portray an

undignified exit from mortality, exposing
those last, helpless, frenzied seconds.

Dead birds in their hundreds,
a devastating disclosure of failure.

Drowning in bleak defeat, ambitious
dreams disappear; devoured and exhausted.

Added: 28.03.2010