Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Dawn Silence

by Elizabeth Darcy Jones

The Dawn Silence
Is it art or is it a stunt?
Do we really give a f**k?
Plucky birds pluck rock guitars.
Raising tweets (and loot) with luck.
Cyber-space absorbs the chorus.
@Januszczak tweets, ‘what comes next?’
Light as a feather let’s
Coo together… ‘Give us the bt.ly to birds that text!’
Now I 4C a million hits
As we watch the birdie trying to tweet.
And #Twart is the trending topic today -
The Twartist interviewed in ‘Heat!’
Telegraph wires – too hot to touch –
Spark the sparrows to the skies.
‘Sing with your claws! Just get the kit!’
Supplied: the art of birdsong dies.
Online a stunted blackbird taps
With calloused claws and a blunted beak.
Tunelessly he tweets ‘the dawn
Has broken’ (like he does all week).
The soundless sky is grey and bleak…
Birds are meant to sing, not speak.

Added: 30.03.2010