Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Forsaken Childhood

by Shona Hicks

Teddy & I couldn't sleep without each other
We danced each night to sweet, far away music
Hidden under cubby blankets.
We laughed, even knowing that the music
would take a disturbing turn
Awakening from another fleeting escape
We would shake in our bed to the sound of violent thumping
and bitter screams,
piercing every tortured nerve.
Mum and Dad, they loved each other
you would think.
My statue of Jesus gave me no answers
Nowhere to run, through a frosted window
outside, the stars would call me.
Their smiles beaming down on teddy and me
We hugged and wished for it all to go away
Covering our haunted ears to suppress
the fierceness in my fathers maddened voice,
the sadness in my mothers wearied sobs
My tears have never dried
They only hide, deep in the memories.

Added: 31.03.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


This is a poignant poem.


Powerful images and narrative runs through this poem - very clear what is going on and how narrator feels. Some strong lines eg ending.