Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Summer winds

by Stephan Sundqvist

Summer winds play through open air
Summer winds play through open air
and fill my face with a vague scent of Phlox Paniculata.

A soft wheezing sound creeps around my open window
revealing a caressing rush along the riverbed.

In shallow water gliding landscapes wind green snakes
of reed into soft dancers
sweeping along in silent streams
with dreams of their own.

When I die the thesis of this choreography
will be explained to me
as a fairy tale while kingfishers crack
the silver lined surface seen from below.

Still mild winds wrestle among lofty pillars
singing a soothing litany to those who listen.

Far away a joyful symphony of sea anemones
smile at me in a welcome ceremony
swinging their rough hats.
My spirit opens its gills
inhaling wisdom from unseen depths.

Added: 01.04.2010