Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

German Lessons

by Paul Allport

Oh God, I’m so tired of you!
I’m so tired of this world,
I’m so tired of these people, you know the ones
People you can’t describe.
Everyone meets them, everyone knows them,
We all are them.
We are something no one can escape.
You and I wonder why we are here
We leave no time to shed a tear
We always want to know more, never satisfied with what we have
Or what we do not have.
Nobody knows why we think
Or why we think we think
And when we die, it’s all gone. Or is it?
Nobody knows. Least of all me, least of all you
Why! Why! Why! I just want to die. But I don’t.
We all need a purpose, for what – I don’t know
And when we lose it – that’s not the end.
People always searching, looking, finding, breathing
People can never understand people, they never will
I don’t understand anyone. Nobody understands me
I don’t want them to!
Keep yourself to yourself. That’s what I preach.

Added: 02.04.2010