Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

You Lied Again

by Keith Fryup

I’m lost for words, I can’t explain, you say you love me but You Lied Again,
Were getting on, no reason to shout, feeling happy, until the truth comes out,
Suspicious mind, wanting to believe, hoping for stability but expecting to grieve,
Don’t ask questions, don’t tempt fate, lets play being happy, lets pretend we’re mates.
I’m feeling hurt, are you ashamed, I can’t believe it but You Lied Again,
You cook my tea; you make our bed, a physical presence but the truths unsaid,
Let’s play the game, all looks well, no-one would believe it but our life’s a shell,
We can fool ourselves, we can fool the rest, but to have a chance our feelings must be confessed.
Let’s take that chance, put us in the frame, tell it how it is, no need to Lie Again,
You were very lonely, I was never here, we lived apart-together, existence insincere,
I was keeping busy, hobbies were my thing, you became unhappy and having little drinks,
Lets sort it out, lets put it right, we’re useless without each other; our family’s worth the fight.

Added: 09.04.2010