Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Shadow Keeper

by Trevor Seery

I am the Shadow Keeper, with you through the night,
flashing in the window and along the stair flight,
See me sometimes, sometimes maybe not,
I will make you paranoid until the darkness… stops,
When a curtain moves or a sheet blows I will obey,
The shadow lands are here to stay, 

I am your Shadow Keeper, locked inside your head,
until the darkness falls and you are in your bed,
Is the light on?, is it off?, your eyes are closed so tightly you cant tell whats what,
creeping along your wall and over that lampshade,
I could have taken your soul,
But I chose to fade,  

I am a Shadow Keeper, released only at night,
until you close your eyes when I am out of sight,
I see you through your peeping fingers, when you least expect,
That flash its me, seen in the mirror reflect,
A sheet will not hide my presence,
Wait for dawn to come, what remains is my essence,  

I am their Shadow Keeper, I disappear without a trace,
into oblivion and the beyond of outer space,
Once upon a time I used to have a mind,
but its all gone now… forever in rewind,
When the dusk begins to fall on a stormy moonlit nite,
it is the perfect time of shadow light, 

I was the Shadow Keeper once seen by all,
but now I am invisible except against a wall..!!!

Added: 09.04.2010