Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

kiss me with words

by chip rimmer

                kiss me with words

                my place is inside your palm - infinitely
                no where else will ever do,
                your right hand betwixt my left - fingers tight
                it’s the bustling, brimming soul of you.

                i want to hear your words of love melt
                onto my body like butter,
                feed me with your kisses again and again - no matter;
                (if only you could feel the throb of your heart in mine).

                i want to make complicated shapes
                all night
                and climb inside your skin -
                my place is you, under, about and in.

                kiss me with big words of yours
                until they make me cry,
                let’s hold these golden moments
                and never let them by.

                take me in your arms of comfort,
                safely let me sleep - to leave me be;
                chosen forever, always together
                ‘i am not thine, i am thee’                .

Added: 11.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Great opening line


Good title. Some good images, 'words of love melt..butter' & sensual lines, 'i want to make..all night,' & 'kiss me with big words of yours'