Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

If my father could see me now

by ian robert shaw

I met my girl
And we fell in love
Because she’s the one
I’ve been dreamin’ of
All my life I’ve had this dream
About the prettiest girl
I’ve ever seen
I would think to myself
It would never come true
I’d sit at home alone and blue
Father would say to me
Get yourself out
There’s plenty of pretty girls about
I would get myself dressed
And go out on the town
I’d meet some girl
And still feel down
Hour after hour
Day after day
Nothing at all
Would take my blues away
I used to sit and ask myself why
Maybe the answer was
I’m an ugly guy
Something happened
That changed my life
I found a girl that I
Hoped soon I would call my wife
She’s so beautiful
She makes me feel proud
I love her so much
I want to shout it out loud
I look up to the sky
And I say to my dad
Thank you for giving me
The best girl I’ve ever had
I know he would approve
I know he’d have loved her.

Added: 12.04.2010