Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Louise Mason

An illicit affair, you were love at first sight
pastel pink purples under blinding store light.
You and your comrades in colour code rank
my fleet of defences you shamelessly sank.
Glorious gloss, benevolent blush!
bayonet my heart with an eyeliner brush.
Delicious distraction,
max factor satisfaction.
You tell me you love me with texture and shade
and promise your magic for 12 hours will not fade.
Whisper sweet nothings of glamour and flair
and secrets of happiness with me please share.
Hollywood glamour or Parisian Chic
with you as my armour I’ll be polished and sleek.
I’d be in hell,
without you Chanel.
You’ll find a new home on my bathroom shelf
and fashion new versions, of my old self.
Packaged perfection I’m wrapped in your charms
so unburden the paper which burns in my palms.
Lighten my wallet and take all you need
on berry stained palettes, imagination can breed.
It can withstand attack
This devotion to MAC.
Butterfly lashes with calorific effect
make all my days summer sun flecked.
So forget all the others and be mine to keep
cruel separation from you makes me weep.
I grant my devotion
To a Bobby Brown Promotion.

Added: 13.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Need to get the rhytm right - some of the lines don't scan, but a good effort


Bursting with mischievous joy. Glorious gloss....eyeliner brush' - fantastic couplet.