Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Note to self

by Louise Mason

He was a circle and I was a square
When we met.
Thinking of him, thinking of me occasionally was enough
a secret indulgence.
But his curved lines were beautiful
And suddenly my angles didn’t want to be angles anymore.
I confronted the difficulties.
My square had been my saviour
We’d lost touch for a while.
The clarity of normality never underestimated
Finding comfort in a world with no mountains or ravines
Because river rapids had only made me sick.
But he was the sun,
Orbiting him a law of gravity.
And in attempting to be his everywhere and everything
 I was trying to be a triangle
When I noticed myself
Not noticing myself.
My Sun God is wise and he spoke to me clearly
‘What comfort will be found in a deserted shell
Should desertion be our fate?’
Shipwrecked souls cling to solid remains
We must stick close to who we are,
He’s a circle, I’m a square.

Added: 13.04.2010