Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Fox and the Blustery Day

by Kevin Wood

Fox hunts bright and early,
Usually into Fivers Wood.
Oaks there are heavy and burly,
But prizes are tasty and good!
Sun high and the wind low,
Rabbits playing in open ground.
Fox flattens and waits,
Rabbit dies without a sound!
A second one proves too slow,
A brace Fox has to show.
Wind turning?  Wind abates.
A bluster runs through Fivers Wood,
Whiffling through the trees.
Doubleday’s thicket a route that should
Bring Fox to the field of peas.
But fallen Birch is a dense barrier,
So Fox diverts towards the Mill.
The Mill’s sails are shattered!
Fox finds a ditch to bury his kill,
‘Neath the leaves, bottles and carrier.
Fox the model of a noble warrior
Knows his marks are what mattered.
Fox has to cross the pond,
Through the field and over the hill.
Through stubble – on and beyond,
Showing inordinate skill!
Meets his family and explains,
Fox and kelp return for the kill,
By the marks, they recover the rabbits.
Dragging a brace, carrying until
They meet old familiar lanes,
Rolling home as the Moon wanes.
Family feasts, warm family habits.

Added: 13.04.2010