Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Page1. A Gangsters Diary

by Keithson Bradshaw

I walk these streets I’m on the prowl
I wear my screw face so you know what’s going down
Love waxes... cold I need you to fear
Because that’s the only way I know you will acknowledge me
The only way you will know I am here
My band of brothers idle hands abound
Looking for ways to exploit this town
I’ve got a gun that makes me larger than life
It’s fully loaded for the showdown tonight
Got to take out some dude who is calling me out
That’s the life that I live, death lurking about
Constantly looking over my shoulder
For the dude I roughed up years back
This life I 'm doomed to live, still
Innocent I was, yeah I was a child
But many things happened over the course of time
Circumstances encountered choices were made
For my choices the dept must be paid……
Yeah I heard about God and how he may exist
But in my world it's survival of the fittest
Now right about now you may think he has no light
But I’ll prove you wrong yeah man its shining bright
There is one thing that can cause this thug to cry
That one thing… my son my love my life
A better life than mine is what I wish for him
For it seems too late for me ..I am flickering
And in my death I hope he will see
That this is no way for people to be
Looking over your shoulder
Wondering if death has closed that gap
Wondering if he is still lurking two paces back

Added: 13.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Loved it. Real and passionate and very scary. I hope the world will be what you wish for that child, but surely its US who should lead ??