Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Dying with the speed of light

by Luiza Fediuc

I'm getting closer to that line
the bright line of the horizon
where all pain dissolves.
I'm the only traveller
flying in this dark cold night
where no hope is left.

I'm getting closer to that point
the vantage point of the galaxy
where all wars come to an end.
I'm heading for this fall alone
swimming through sunken suns
and aching planets.

As I plunge into the pitch-black abyss,
fiery comets start haunting me,
pushing me towards blazing supernovas
and super-massive black holes.
The universe erupts in glaring lights
dazzling my teary eyes.
Everything is illuminated and boiling
yet, blood is freezing in my veins
and my breath turns into icicles.

I'm falling faster and faster now.

Worlds are exploding all around me
as the smell of gunpowder and burnt stardust
fills my lungs with dying wishes.
I scream out my pain
but no one can hear me
and my scream breaks into sharp pieces
echoing back to me
piercing my untouched hips
my cold pale lips
my barren chest.

As I'm dying with the speed of light
I can almost hear the sound of stellar birth
getting louder
and louder.

Come, love, pull the black veil of death
over my fragile shoulders
and smash my bones to the ground.
Split me into millions of fragments of cosmic dust
and scatter me into

Added: 15.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Nicely done - thank you