Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by James Brightman

As my lips are prised open
The sugary dew embraces my tastebuds
The viscous, yet, delectable taste of a minor victory
Worth nothing to many but can be the lever
Of the bravest man to eclipse the enemy

A more salient day is yet to arrive for me
Possibly like a bus, it will arrive when I’m still in bed
In bed imagining how the day could possibly get better
Or worse depending on the outlook I allow myself
To perceive, and to make happen in time

Leaves are covering the sunlight and absorb
The heat from the sky beats down and burns me
I wear as little as society allows without ill intent
A brash harmony of spots flicker through my vision
 But yet I am not scared to stare into the blinding radiation

Added: 16.04.2010