Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Green Park (Tuesday 12th of June 2007, 6.30pm)

by Andrew Dee

Green Park in the evening 
almost 6 o’clock,                 
I heard a beating heart        
Then the beating stopped.  
A friend to you said                        
“What’s gone is best forgot”,        
Sadness is the same                        
If we know each other not.
You never saw it coming   
Then the cradle rocked,     
Summer disappeared                     
With suddenness and shock.         
Green Park in the evening
Just past 6 o’clock,             
I never knew your name    
I never turned to watch.     
Your voice was like a leaf,  
I searched the tree tops      
Looking for a leaf               
That maybe wouldn’t drop.           
Forever life had changed              
You counted what it cost,              
It always starts to rain                    
With suddenness and shock.         
Green Park in the evening             
half past 6 o’clock,                         
A stranger sometimes says            
Something he should not.                                                  
I just walked away                          
Which maybe says a lot,                
My tongue was tied again,
It is more than it’s not.                   
I wrote these words for you                       
They’re less than what you lost,               
But maybe you survived                
The suddenness and shock.                        

Added: 17.04.2010