Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Vacuum Plea

by Debbie Jellings

Made by Space Bag 6 Piece Vacuum bag set: easy to use for packing
bulky soft items and very effective at squashing them down to minimum cubic area.

Prostrate, face buried
in the puffed-plastic cube,
you lift your head fractionally
on your out-breath; exposing,
from my vantage point, your bald
patch to maximum humility.
I reach for camcorder, unconsciously
honing in on a sequence of latent potency.
Then your son gets down too -
Let me try Dad, and the LCD shows
his unruly blond gosling head
bowed to what, in this passing
moment, has become The Source;
your head beside him,
a larger nutmeg. And your son
reaches up, pressing together his palms
in a simple peak above his head.
And I see the two of you face down
before the Great Mother, sending
your numerous, silent petitions
with the same root:
that the same woman
your ex-wife, his mother,
might one day give an inch.  

Added: 18.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


A snapshot of feminine reflection. Very recognisable, very intimate, very poignant.