Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Lost Letter

by Mike Motrici

Somewhere in the corner in that room a little wooden box is left behind
No one do want, no one is taking!
Way? Way?
After a long time a little girl was playing around that house
The door was open; she got in to the house
Hallo! Hallo!                                                                          
Silence it was around the place
She turns around to go, in that moment a noise came from that room, she roan
Outside was so scared
Was waiting to see if anybody coming out!
Nothing happened; she got back in to the house
Courageous girl gone in to the room, nobody there!!
A single wooden box down on the corner floor and looked what is left behind.
She tacked the box with her to her own home, and like a child she hid it under the bed.
Before she gone to bed picket up the box and look at it!
She asks the little box!  What secrets do you have in you? You little box?
Back under the bed the wooden box in silence staid.
The little girl was going to sleep, when a wick voice she herd!
Please let me out, please help me!
She jumps of the bed and pick up the wooden box, puling and puling the lid it’s open
Inside a brown envelope with red ribbon all around.
A smell of rouses appeared around, she opens that love letter and a beautiful voice began.
My Dear beloved
I hope this latter will found you well and healthy wherever you will be!
 I miss you very much, my tears are dropping from my eyes transforming in to diamante
My red lips turn in to roses; I send to you all my love a kiss with taste of roses and tears like diamantes
To warm you up and keep you safe wherever you will be and wherever you are.
With love your beloved wife
Love you very much.
The little girl in tears she was, so proud and happy she let the words of love to fly free to the sky
That latter never rich that person but all the words are free and they will never will be just close in that little wooden box.   

Added: 19.04.2010