Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

My thoughts and you

by Marie Claire Finger

I have no reason to hate you and
you haven’t got one to hate me either.
I do not know where the awkwardness
started getting to us but I think it’s better to
just pretend to leave rather than to find reasons to.
I thought things were comfortable
once. I miss that stupid sleeping bag like hell now.
I think even the out-of-tune drunkards were okay.
It doesn’t matter that I didn’t have a side and
you didn’t either and the floor was slanted.
I am not sure I hated that Summer so much then,
but it was sticky. I liked how the world nearly
revolved around the number of persons queued for
the water taps. It is good that I still believe that music
never fails you.
I think I will pick a side to sleep on.
Move to your bloody side or I’ll push you away.
We’re in a tangled mess of stiffness and teary
eyelashes and it’s not even sunrise.

Added: 20.04.2010