Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Flogging the Dead Horse

by Tim Davis

I’ve asked you before and you never seem to listen
You keep telling yourself this and see where it gets you
Momentarily distracted as you rack up the next line
Whatever is next I know this won’t get through.
You harbor resentment and keep hold of this grudge
And allow everyday to aimlessly pass by
Your narrow tunnel vision is blinded with darkness
With just one thought of how you’re going to die.
Your constant abuse and continued self neglect
Married with your healthy catalogue of screw ups
Is astonishing to everyone, but not to me
You’ve created this yourself by putting their back up.
So don’t help yourself then!  Just sit there and rot
In your vegetative state to experience getting closer to ‘God’!
The noose is in the attic and I’ll willingly take you to it
I’m exhausted trying to save you; you selfish clod.
Just stop these constant beatings, constant crying
Wish for dying and this, your superficial heart.
You’ve stepped out and looked in, kept flogging now
For far too long.  Stop tearing yourself apart.
The eulogy was short in this your final moment
Many people despised you so attendance was poor
I could not be the saviour but I’m glad that it’s over
It was already written, I was flogging a dead horse

Added: 20.04.2010