Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Standard Practice

by Ian Donaldson

Pictorials of people we will never meet,
Wearing clothes, with horses we could not shoe,
Achievements at functions we will never fulfil,
Celebrity and Aspirational, silky, kaolin consumers,
End-users, sitting around, paper weights for us to browse,
Inspiration is not appropriate
Until we enter the sanctum, on command.
My file waits in the wings,
Of the omniscient computer,
Patiently, for its spot on stage.
‘How have you been?’ I may be favoured,
With a glance over reading glasses,
First name, pleasantries to put at ease,
My self and my agenda, slowly ebb,
Taking home leave, soon buttoning up,
And dialogue rehearsed over returning strides.

Added: 20.04.2010