Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Away With Words

by Gay Anderson

I have no way with words,
She said.
Away with words!
He said.
Those clumsy halftruths on a clumsy tongue.

Speak to me instead,
He said,
With bright imaginings
And soft colours
Vibrant with life.
Speak to me with form,
He said,
And shape my worlds
With your deft hands
And your light touch.

Sing me the song of your life,
He said,
With the harmony of your soul.
Let the music drift
With grace
Into the spaces of your life.

Listen with the ear of the wind
To the secrets of the birds.
Look upon the earth,
He said,
And drink the glory of a simple flower,
A winter tree
With raindrops shimmering
In the rising sun,
The endless patterns of the sea
Alive with mystery
And with joy.

Oh! was all she said,
And graced the days
With colours never seen before,
And loved and laughed
And felt the rhythms of the Earth
Beneath her feet,
As moon and sun and stars
In the beauty of her heart.

Added: 21.04.2010