Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Hillbrow Tower

by Simon-Paul Ridgeway

 Bring to me the unwashed masses in a struggle to be free,
        Lay them at my feet and I will give them liberty,
   Provide for them that toil within the shadow of my hand,
To work in peace and strive to gain, the promise of that land.
 Hold them in a grip of concrete plinth and stained iniquity,
  Guide them on their way with strains of hope and dignity,
 Raise to them a signal of your grand and masterful design,
    And in return, they will reward the bounty of your time.
      Grasp the weak and hungry in the spirit of your mark,
   The time will show in grand design the shadow of your arc,
 Gain for those your lofty core, in strength to hold them tight,
 In whose palm you grip the rod, to clasp them with all might.
       Call to them in long refrain the multitude you host,
  Give to them that have no hope, the mirage of your post,
     Stand alone and be assured, you beacon to the poor,
  Hearken back to days of old, the dream that you implore.
 Hide them from the gallows, of a misspent time and place,
Where man has failed to understand the calling of his race,
 Lift them from their motherland, to which they may alight,
  And I will guide them on their way, when the time is right.

Added: 23.04.2010