Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Andy Gardiner

Oh what
overwhelming woes you bring,
Not a child of happy days,
A cold and ruthless little boy,
Whos' games are cruel and vile.

In the pretense of innocence,
Has come a smouldering pyre,
A swift and deafening crack,
In the wisdom of old men.

Does he alone carry their guile,
Wearing a terrroristic smile,
Evil and deadly, short on hope,
He leaves mankind hung by a rope.

His Fathers' hate so vengefull still,
He carries the message of doom,
Settling with the ash and soot,
And the invisible disease to come.

A silence, everlastingly intense,
Falls like a shadow of death,
Onto a land once covered by sun,
That would rise on innocent souls.

Crying and painful pleas,
Are heard across timeless miles,
A sin this little boy has done,
Urged on by a heartless world.

His obituary is sadly empty,
The costs his deed has wrought,
But has it brought us peace at last,
And a world spared of this hateful

Why did we
forget the basic law,
vengeance is not ours,
hurry to hide the shameful truth,
Beneath a field of flowers.

Our hearts and minds are tempted still,
To ignore the simple facts,
Whatever hurt we spread abroad,
Will reap the same, a hundred fold.

8.15 am August 6th 1945
The blinding light was one of the darkest that man has ever

Added: 24.04.2010