Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

He drove the chief poet mad

by Aaron Enos

Who is that poet
Writing poems
With his no good rhymes
No storyline
Writing poems
Preaching truth
With words scrambled up like eggs
Stop that poet
He makes mockery of great poets
He talks God
He talks religion
He even talks hope
I mean who talks hope
With words scrambled up like eggs
Catch that poet
Writing poems about faith
He talks salvation
With bad grammar
He is no poet who lacks style
He is no poet I say
He is mere words scrambled up like eggs
Bring that poet
Winning souls
He wins souls with straight poems
Straight poems with no spice
No flash
Just plain words
Scrambled up like eggs
Jail this poet
He saves lives
He draws crowds with bad poems
Poems about Jesus Christ
I mean who writes poems about Jesus Christ
Jail him!
Jail his words scrambled up like eggs

Added: 24.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


took me a couple of reads to get into this poem, but grew to like the scrambled egg words and the voice of the poet, original idea.