Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Facebook Disciples

by Aaron Enos

I’m calling all facebook disciples
Read your Holy Bibles
You’ve uploaded enough pictures
It’s time to read the Scriptures
Read ‘’the writing on the wall’’
And forget writing on their walls
Accept God’s friend request
Put the lord first
Make a status update
From unbeliever to believer
Send the lord a message
He’ll rescue you from your wreckage
Convert your internet addiction
To a Holy conviction
Fill you soul’s inbox
With Holy spiritual influx
Swap your profile picture
For a better future
Poke the Lord back
He’s poking at your soul
Enough of the virtual gifts
He’s offering spiritual gifts
Enough of the bumper stickers
Come for a bumper harvest
It’s time to put first things first
It’s time to go offline
And start chatting with Jesus in prayer

Added: 24.04.2010