Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

I still speak

by Aaron Enos

I would have loved to be a freedom fighter
I would have told you a poem about the Government and the Oppressor man
I would have loved to be William Shakespeare..A Legend
I would have told you To Be or Not To Be.. ...there are no questions
I would have loved to be a poetic samurai flaunting my intricate lyrical prowess
I would have entertained you with my verbal Kung-fu powers
I would have loved to be a love poet
I would have told you a dozen love poems
I would have told you thou art fair my love....you move me!
But I am not that type of poet
I am the type of poet who talks God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost
That is why you sleep when I speak
You find me boring
I’m a poet like John the Baptise saying Get along with God
Do not yawn while I speak, I awake you
Get along with God, I beseech you
Get along for a day
Maybe two
You have nothing to lose
Try a week
Maybe two
Maybe three
Try the rest of your life
Put an end to your strife
Get along with God!
He’s a Good Man God....so get to know him
He’s a good God man....so try to love him
You have everything to gain
So get along with God
And do not sleep while I speak
Because even if you do....
I still speak!

Added: 24.04.2010