Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Bronwyn Waller

Standing on the blaze of voices, she stitches on her smile
Protecting those fearful thoughts that skulk inside her mind
Concealing her tears, the channelling energy seeps to her hands
Anxious not to tell the truth; how could they understand?
Relying on the trust of fate
I somehow must escape

The place in her soul is uncovered, baring all desire
A gap that's prior been filled by pretence, but longs for an honest fire
Shy of this unknown, she stumbles through this course
Desperately making unwritten wrongs and tales of sparks are forced
Relying on the role of fate
I now have to escape

Who could love this strenuous past that appears at every fall?
Who could carry the unspoken terms that keep her calm and keep her cool?
Who yearns at great as she, but not in second, third or fourth?
A lot to seek in the years she owns. No one here for sure
Leaning on the trust of fate
I will someday escape

On the face of it all, it's just greed
A want for acceptance; a must; a need
So ignore she exists to make her develop and see
Unless she throws on her sweet smile and puts the world back at ease

Added: 25.04.2010