Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Shores of Hypocrisy

by Chris Abbott

Standing on the shores of hypocrisy
Their lies washed over my feet

As I stood looking out from the sands of this reality
The sun of their half-truths felt warm on my face
I was comfortable and for as far as I could see their world made sense

Then from over the horizon I began to hear other sounds,
drifting in despite the head winds of deceit
It was the voices of the poor
The sound of the disposed
The unpeople of the unseen world

I looked deep into the ocean and past their reef of lies
I saw that my island was built on the broken lives of others
The sand was disease and poverty
The plants were lost hope
Trees were made of death and oppression

The waves of truth crashed over me
My island was washed away and I fell into the waters of realisation
My angry voice joined the others as I fought to keep my head above the water

Things look different floating in the sea and looking back at their unreality
But I’d rather be here than standing on the shores of hypocrisy

Added: 26.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


very thought provoking


Very real and thought provoking. I loved the way you used euphamisms and innuendo. A lovely poem, I hope you do well.