Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Diane Cook

Some travellers found a map one day
in a chest like Galileo’s,
the simple story of a planet,
they thought,
on strange, soft parchment
its pathway
its fire and shadow
its swelling star,
then beyond the symmetry
something wondrous:
a taut dress that danced on a deep, smoky night
the scent of sleep caught in a coverlet like a poppy
a mantra whispering under the hand - sash, Sashiko
and they marvelled,
only knowing a line as unreachable distance
a curve as eternal space,
at the beauty of these forgotten equations
where a kiss and a dream and a poem
could be sewn through to silver
and reflect stronger than any star.
(Sashiko is a Japanese decorative running stitch used in quilting, literally meaning “little stabs”)

Added: 26.04.2010