Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Which Venus

by Linda Smith

She waits!  Her patience knows no bounds.

Her skin a satin sheen, smooth and silky,
a flawless hue.  Ruby lips beckoning.
She releases a whisper of irresistible perfume,
into the air, a symphony to the senses
of living beings caught within it’s
atmospheric circle.
In the gentle breeze the temptress moves
as one with nature, blending in harmonious
empathy with her surroundings.
She dances the Siren’s call,
slowly, hypnotically.  Her prey, mindless
in this onslaught of that most sensitive
to the art of seduction, teeters
on the edge of promised bliss and nervously
encroaches still further into her depths,
reluctantly begging fulfilment from
her relentless, sensuous charms.
He surrenders to her call, a step too far,
triggering her instinctive response for survival.
In timely perfection, she encloses him in her embrace
drawing him surreptitiously within her body,
her juices devouring his life’s blood,
nourishing the roots of her very being.
His life - her life!
Such is the subtlety of the feminine.

Added: 26.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Very beautiful, lovely words