Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

I am a work in progress.

by Jonathan Hyde

I am a work in progress
A poem without conclusion
With heartbeat words that float away from the pale leaf
For their frame is not yet constructed, the pattern incomplete.
My manuscript is not white, but curled at the edges and marked
And not an ancient treasure map, old veined with skin of leather.
Not quite a symphony: in fact more a prelude with dancing notes leant upon the stave
There is a path to follow but it dwindles softly, losing focus with distance.
A Japanese garden with half-sculpted fauna, chess pieces missing from the board
Architects design with delicate blue lines, with some scope for imagination.
There are many chipped chisel marks worked into this sculpture
Patterns and angles, splintered notches slowly giving rise to features
Abundant variations of degree to form evolving creatures,
An intricate master plan lying splayed open on the dissection table
Flesh pinned back revealing the working parts that should have been held secret.
I have weight, height and presence
I can measure myself against the atmosphere
A delicate instrument
Unlocked and carefully placed piece by piece upon the craftsman’s desk.
I shall immerse myself and submerge myself within my environment
And then emerge again complete
For I am a work in progress.

Added: 27.04.2010