Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

T.E.A.R.S ( Tragic Events Amass Relentless Stress)

by Daniel Mendes

Resembling rain descending drains in winter
Mine like a damp wall – with an internal manoeuvre
Sensation of a slave ankles bound together
Frustration of life, not getting better
Fastening your hood in the storm and still getting wet
The feeling of hope-less-ness
In this test do I undress and curse the skies
Or bow my head ‘til out the grey, sun arrives
Our minds…
Select strive or surrender, in stages of stress
When all efforts, seem effort-less
Kind words unavailing like a woman’s caress
For it’s I who holds the key, to my happiness
A medicine, from the morn I was born
Regularity reduced, thus arrives in purest form
An instant reaction or brewed like a storm
To my disposition – the ducts conform…
Cases of severity tend to manifest
Hand shaped as my head, the drops transgress…
Some smear thoughtlessly… Are we ashamed?
Signs wane but origins of emotion remain
Discharged or dragged through the dust?
Regardless the occurrence is evermore, a part of us:
- A seminar for the future, behaviour change
- Or that tale brought up, again and again
- A deposit for the closest, to never proclaim
- Or the portholes to the soul depicting so much pain
I keep secrete not one to declare
He alone knows I am in a state of repair
So hands symmetric, consult The Great
With his will, I elevate…
Among the weight on my shoulder and organ in my chest
Again seeking figures of blissfulness

Added: 27.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Epic quality.