Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Daniel Mendes

They say ‘hold your head high’ but why?
We are all living in shame
How can I look to the sky?
I’ll focus on the drain
For my actions, it is not pride I am trying to proclaim
I must sigh as I just falter, again and again
Hand imprint on my cheek
I demonstrate a cold stare
Eyes open but it is clear I am not looking nowhere
You may approach after much hesitation
I am a statue, the brains in motion
Like a vintage clock all the cogs turn for the second hand to tick
All my internal is active
You will only witness the blink
After a whole rotation my minute hand is a sigh
By the hour thee little hand moving signals I understand why…
Complete contentment will everlastingly be the unreachable location
Until my soul is an affiliate of club satisfaction
I apply, though my CV is not one of pure bliss
Unable to describe myself as an optimist
My life consist of many days like this
Where only the air I breathe is not negative

Added: 27.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


This could work well in performance. On the page, the occasional distortion of normal word usage (e.g., 'All my internal is active')intrudes


Deftly conveyed the writer's feeling of hopelessness. Might benefit from attention to syntax. But I hope this poet continues to write poetry