Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The Dark

by Daniel Mendes

If I should die, before I wake…
They would cut me up and throw my body to waste
Slash my remains with blades
Through my skin it penetrates
Because for me
All they’ve felt
Is hate
Yet they smile
My face
How do I classify what is a friend or enemy so cold
If all the wolves that surround, don sheep’s clothes
Feeling trustful often followed by a sense of regret
My thoughts were high for you now they’re… basement
I exhale as my soul mellows a slight groan
Does a man who builds a road to the heavens have to travel alone?
I’ve fought, taught, wrote and spoke
Will I battle until I retire?
Maybe relinquish my revolt?
Or my odyssey disrupted by a sudden halt? ...
When they send that bullet into my body
It locates my heart
The blood splatters and this life I am no longer a part
Clusters of bystanders deny
Though their eyes did see
My death was surely an improvement to thee
Alike in our satisfactory
At ease, I honoured the treaty
My end
Was penned…
Right from the start
Heading for the light…
Departing the dark

Added: 27.04.2010