Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Daniel Mendes

If I fought fire with water?
Eventually I’d be steaming
If I matched fire with fire?
It’d destroy everything
Live my life like a door mat or continuously sin?
Got me feeling like I can’t win
‘He who has knowledge…Has power’
But Aeschylus reported ‘He who learns, must suffer’
Is truth when they say: ‘Knowledge is key?’
Then why do I think if I knew it all that would be the death of me?
Undoubtedly my sanity would be the topic of discussion
Either accept with pride or crumble, at the burden?
Jesus said ‘Turn the other cheek’ but then you’re left with none
Could my Wife or child be satisfied with this protection?
Adopt ‘An eye for an eye’ as my policy
Though you’d become blind says, Ghandi
If I keep switching cheeks they’ll ruin my sight and my grin
Got me feeling like I can’t win
‘If you can’t beat them, you’d better combine?’
I’m in a losing battle, I often find
So should I join forces with the wickedest mind?
Instead I step into the light, that is, My Guide
Everything done with noble intent is justified
This the motto, to which, I abide

Added: 27.04.2010