Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A lonely heart

by Amanda Austen

Turning on the lights in the middle of the afternoon,
lighting the fire for warmth as cold creeps like shadows through the
skin to her bones,
staring into the flames, remembering happy times with the ones
she loved,
a lonely heart with a long cold night ahead,
crumpets and jam and a pot of tea, a substitute for an appetite
long gone.
Each day a marathon, repetition rules as winter
commands attention soaking and freezing, a white blanket falls
from the sky, sounds of laughter in the distance as carrots and
scarves are thrust upon snowmen by excited children.
Still she looks on with sadness, a picture on the mantelpiece
reminds her that she is alone.
Eventually her eyes flicker to the clock near the photo, five o clock
and the curtains are still open,
a solitary snowdrop thrusts its head through the clump of soil, a
signal to its comrades that the time has come.
She watches as clumps of white take over her garden and rubs her
hands in glee as a yellow daffodil emerges from its place between
the gnome and garden light.The garden is alive again, birds sing in the trees as if announcing
the start of spring.
Her season of winter has passed and suddenly she feels hungry
as the picture on the mantelpiece seems to understand.

Added: 27.04.2010