Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Laura Callaway

Are you longing for something more?
Been trapped behind this closed door too long-
Broken, raw, damaged to the core but still holding on.
If you done stuff wrong and long to get away;
In a state; feel you can't stay in this place too much longer,
Trying to be stronger but falling apart
Have a broken heart, been beaten, cast down
If this world gets you down and you can't see the light,
The lights are too long, nothing is right
Nothing is right got no reason to fight; just hoping you might
Somehow break free from this mess.
If your lonely and splintered, can't bear another winter,
Can't stand the thought of waking up to face another day this way...
Then Today is the day it can change.

If you've suffered over and over - the days just go on -
Sober or not or addicted to whatever, smoking pot
Whenever you get the chance 'cos you're empty;
If you've fallen too far, trying to smile but about to explode,
Dying inside, secretly crying because you feel lost;
Fading away - Can't find the way out, doubt there even is a way
Well this is for you, Today.

If you've given up on hope because it only disappoints,
There's no point in life it just leaves you broken,
Hurting, burst open, hanging on by your fingertips, drowning.
If you feel ashamed to lift your head
Ever wished you rather be dead,
If you've had a bad day or it's not been you year,
Living in fear, worried about tomorrow, too much sorrow
In your life - poverty, strife,
In need of a doctor or losing the dream you once chased after,
Then Today is a new day, forever after.

Today is a new day
And Tomorrow will be too.

Added: 27.04.2010