Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

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by Brenda Vallow

I have a friend, an old school friend;
Our letters, which we weekly send,
Are witty accounts of this and that -
From politics
To feeding a starving cat.
Humour lurks within their pages,
Some items send us into rages.
Weather, politics, even house-work;
There is nothing that we shirk
It's our news made entertaining.
A written, historical, treasure-house.
The hysterical story of a mouse -
This was before the cat, of course.
Just anything can be the source
Of causing us amusement.
Our missives never give offence.
With just a modicum of sense,
One can see they're but a slice of life.
Tales of the world - and his wife,
Are history in the making.
We do not see each other much,
Our letters keep us both in touch.
Regular written packages
Or interesting, topical sandwiches,
For mental mastication.
Our thoughts are recorded - we share most views
On items which are in the news.
Disclosing how we look at life.
News of a celebrity, or his wife,
And her latest misdemeanours.
Missives are written for joint amusement, 
Never causing us confusement.
Views are disclosed, our humour's the same
The letters are but a newsy game.
Or some future history lesson?
the end


Added: 27.04.2010