Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Soft Touch

by Thomas Williams

For Serge Serykh, his wife, Tatiana, and his stepson

Your life is not worth one of mine
but three,
she said,
wardrobe crashing through the suicide net.

You can almost see prosperity, all the way up here.
Picture perfect postcard;
“we want you to disappear”
signed, your ever humble border guard.

Are you ready to jump from it all?
Like petty political bouncing balls.
Jump from the ancestors of the KGB.
Jump from plans to assassinate the Queen.

Jump in to the “SOFT TOUCH” of Mr Brown,
this building will follow us down,
unfit for purpose,
only to house the “WORTHLESS.”

Glasgow’s red road, redder by the day.
Betrayed, by the idea things would be better this way.
Paranoia festers in urban decay,
no use protecting those without a name.

Your life is not worth one of mine
but three
she said,
head over heels
in love.
Until the end.

Added: 27.04.2010