Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Rubix soul

by Anjali Kirpalani

‘Life is a gift’, they say,
‘Make every moment worthwhile’
We’re supposed to keep unhappiness at bay,
And through our sorrows muster a smile,
It’s all easier said than done,
Some hearts rarely find peace.
To us, these words, merely tease,
They’re a reminder of what we can never have.
Be it in the long or short run.
The clock ticks steadily away,
Before we know it, life has passed us by.
Nothing gained, everything lost,
Breaths exhaled at a high cost.
Why were we constantly searching?
And what were we looking for?
Unhappy memories keep surfacing,
Regret at actions not taken, dangerously lurking.
Easy to heal are wounds that are visible,
But what cures an empty soul?
Action can be taken for reasons identifiable,
But how do I align disparate parts of my rubix soul?
How do I align disparate parts of my rubix soul?
How do I fix it, when I don’t know why it broke?

Added: 28.04.2010

Judges' comments on this poem


Provockingly good!