Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

Pourous Puzzle

by Mark Richardson

Viscosity verbal clouds our minds, and never lets us flow
Emotion driven action binds, slows our demise, slow
For we can reach the summit, and marinate in style
Engulf the jumping Jesters wit, this takes a little while
The sacred dance begins, the cryptic battle ground
A snarling hound forever wins, in madness peace is found
With matching hat and crooked stick, he’s hidden by his cape
Whilst lost for choice he takes his pick, in tragedy you drape
An offering of deity, a passion measured walk
Relief can visit nightly, a fashion through this talk
Shifting sands from vicious winds will stun the sonnets dance
Weathered hands then clap the sinned, to give the child a chance
A chameleon of faces, salutes now hail the masses
Hurt in hectic places, now squint through tinted glasses
Witching time now beckons; the hour can take its bow
A tolerance of takings, enjoy the here and now

Added: 28.04.2010