Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Mark Richardson

Our lessons learned, can only earn, so follow the ABC
A is for attention, all is there for all to see
B is for believe, trust your soul, this is the key
C is for contentment, hope that life, will bring you peace
D is for desire, driven goal, though still you lease
E is for excitement, for your passion, feel the rush
F is for forgiveness, sweep away, just like the brush
G is for the greed, we want for more, but have too much
H is for the happy, having less, yet lives they touch
I is for my Idol, the parents role is all it takes
J is for the joy, a newborn cry, the sound he makes
K is for a kiss, a loving touch, connects the two
L is for the love, of one and all, lives through and through
M is for our money; we come with none, and leave with less
N is for neglect, don’t leave alone, let’s try our best
O is for opinion; hear them all, we’ve much to learn
P is for politeness, this is free, to what we earn
Q is for the quiet, if you listen, you will gain
R is for respect, if given out, receive the same
S is for the self, feel what is right, begin within
T is for the trust; to be yourself will leave no sin
U is for uplift; pave the way, for all to follow
V is for the vision, of a life no longer hollow
W is for the wait, you need to have, for good to come
X will mark the spot, a goal for all, yet only some
Y is all for you, you have to start, with you alone
Z is left for Zen, a peaceful mind, brings peaceful home
Yes lessons learned, can only earn, so follow the ABC

Added: 28.04.2010