Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

The night my heart drowned

by Joanne Keegan

My heart is heavy and sick,
The air is foreboding and thick
Darkness outside,
The sky has cried
My eyes and heart sympathise.
It continues to turn
I continue to burn
Until it dies inside.
Self pity clouds my mind
As I do challenge to find
Something that allows me to go on.
The challenge of life’s pain
Emotions and thoughts stain
And an aching emptiness  remains.
Drowning in this sadness
Trying to understand the badness
Of people? Or my own twisted mind.
Loss and its bereftness
The stale feeling of aloneness
Don’t know if I want to go on from here.
Decisions have I made
Penance have I paid
Take it from me
Let me see,
Cant this pain just let me be?

Added: 28.04.2010