Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

My Love

by Hannah Persaud

Farewell, the scorching hours of light that left
this charcoal skin, the hollow shell of breath
my love, your grasp is firm as your love past,
you ask me not to look, and not to go
but you must too, to all you know
in readiness for me, my love.
Do not wash away those tears that fall, my love
Don’t curse the missing years that left
us searching for the days and nights that broke, for we are blessed to know
our hours that lost themselves amongst the alphabet, the strangled breath
pleading for my life don’t go not yet don’t go
When I am gone don’t frame me in the past
don’t decorate our rooms with me my love
for they belong to you alone, please promise me you will let me go
for I have left
your side, so warm so strong the ring our rings our days all gone, our breath
we know.
Thank you for being who you are my love, I know
our bitter blows and sharpened words are in the past
and now your sweetness warms my cooling heart, my slowing breath
your closeness drugs me still, your beating heart so strong when next to mine, my love
from everything we have shared all that is left
is my reluctance to leave you and to go.
I don’t have to prove, for you, my self, my own you know
my only strength my only love my love for you is left
everything is past
My love
only your  nearness draws my breath.
Breath on breath on breath
I never used to think to live to draw it in then let it go
Don’t cry for our children that now will never show, my love
our family that will never be will never grow and love and know
a future and a past
for now only you and you alone are left.
You are my breath my love, you are my life, my own, you must you have to know
I must go, I cling and hold you as I fall below.  I am your past
My love you made my life, now make your own, from all that you have left. 

Added: 28.04.2010