Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Hannah Persaud

I fell.
I explored the depth, the endless flesh of you
I opened myself, becoming two
I caught your thoughts as they fell
I fed them food and drink so they could grow
I burnt the junk so they could show.
I gave my words to you
I shared the monsters in my head
I fucked you in my bed.
I believed in you, you knew you saw you felt so much more
I said, laughing in the warmth of our embrace whilst
I kissed your face
I hoped with you, our light our lives
I cried for you, real salt real sweat
I welcomed you, behind, above, the side, below, you in my wet
I loved for you, I would have died for you
I lied for you, I did my best I really tried
And now you’re gone there is no I.

Added: 28.04.2010