Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Antonio Vrsalovic

Tall and proud shiny puffy clouds
Made out of soft little wet drops
They roam pinkish, bluish colored skies
In silence, in arranged pact with time
Out of boredom they chase their dreams
Always ahead of them the illusions masquerade
Never turning around, never offering a hand
So desolate in near death, playing a sad tune…
Nature demands new faces to reappear
Turmoil unseen vigorously toiling over glossy mountains
Stories unfold, mornings and evenings gone
Sadness in anticipation, howling swirls of wind!
Futile claims down bellow reflecting above
The doves! The doves! Clouds show their love
Heavy from the burden they carry, let out a cry…
This can’t be any different, the fate laughs!  
Storm the night young one and wonder in awe
Take me forever happiness on to blurry road in sky
We will ride on waves of uncertainty through the clouds
while mournful simple minded souls stood and watch…

Added: 28.04.2010