Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010


by Niccolò Matteucci

There won't be any rain
able to make us drown,
there won't be any snow
able to make us soffocate

You know I only try to escape
from all those pains that grow,
my life is not made of ambition
I only want new dreams to chase

All I want to do
is spread my love with you

There is still energy
in our young hearts,
there is still strenght in the sun shinin'
and we will be just like spring flowers

You are what I always wanted to find
because you and me are so out of time
it's like we just belong to another age,
but history left for us a blanket page

Too many people see only black & white

too may people obsessed with wrong & right
and live just to choose what will be their cage
to be imprisoned in until the end of their days

All I want to do

is lose my mind for you

There is still energy
in our young hearts,
because we are beautiful and free
shining more than summer sky stars

Added: 29.04.2010