Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2010

A refractory image

by Henry Lee

Like a trickling silver stream her laughter
Delicate like moonbeams spun, her hair
now’s forever so forget for a while ever after
life is short and love is too, but love is fair
for life is fleeting and unto darkness sends
and tarries only to sow the seeds of regret
to remind that even human wisdom has its ends
and all the while we should remember we forget
until amongst the debris of man’s futile ambition
in that tenebrous darkness, now bereft we cry
with the errors of a grievously misjudged position
with brutal clarity this image assails me, this is why
in those beguiling eyes not made to grieve
I sense only a refraction of myself resides
What would we be if you could but believe
there couldn’t be anything but our love besides
in a life that seems ever duller, nearer
How could you be to me but dearer
Than the all wealth of our base and weak desire
than the forgotten hand that lights the sky with fire

Added: 29.04.2010